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5 things to regularly check on your website

When was the last time you checked the mail box or mowed the lawn? There are certain tasks that require repetition. Your website is not unlike these jobs and requires regular maintenance. The following items might seem like no brainers but they can easily be overlooked and impact sales and customer satisfaction.

  1. Check your enquiry form is working correctly
    When was the last time you submitted the contact form on your website to make sure it was sent correctly? Are there any typos in the confirmation email? Do the submitted forms land in the right inbox? Nobody likes going to all the effort of filling in a form only to find out it was never delivered.
  2. Check Analytics is still tracking
    Tracking the usage of your website allows you to view trends and make decisions based on the data. If the data isn’t tracking then you are essentially throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick.
  3. Check the Domain isn’t Blacklisted
    If your web server is listed on a blacklist then your customers may not be receiving your emails. MX Toolbox has a great blacklist checker where you can simply add your website domain and it will do a scan across many blacklists. If your domain is listed then it will point you in the right direction to sort it out. Visit the MX Toolbox Blacklist Checker here.
  4. Check Plugins are up to date
    Make sure you keep your Content Management System up to date. Doing this will make sure that any security patches are applied and help prevent your site from being a target for hackers. WordPress has made it easier over the years as you can set plugins to automatically update. Be careful with this however, as some plugins can update automatically and cause your website to break.
  5. Check for Malware
    It is not always obvious when a website has been compromised by a hacker. They might hide some code in your website that messes with your traffic or waste your bandwidth. Some web hosts offer automated malware scans which is great. If not there are plugins available for WordPress that will fill the gap.

Technology is always changing, and keeping on top of these changes can be tiring. If you need help maintaining your website please don’t hesitate to reach out and have a conversation. We would love to help you out.

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